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Clean Water should be a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE

As of 2020, 844 million people still lack clean water…

Water is thought to be the single most renewable resource of the world.

And it is. 

However, our growing needs and the uneven distribution of freshwater around the world have put such a stress on this renewable resource that we now face what the UN calls The Global Water Crisis. 

The Global Water Crisis explained 

Water is plenty on this planet. 97% of it is water. But we cannot consume all of it. 

We are left with only 3% to use for agriculture, sanitation, drinking, and making sodas above all other unaccounted uses. Due to an ever-increasing population–the world’s population is soaring past 7.8 billion, mind you–and its ever-growing needs, nearly 1.2 billion people are left with no water at all or they live in areas with physical water scarcity. Meaning, their areas are subjected to arid or semi-arid conditions. 

On top of that, the changing weather patterns along with, again, an increase in demand are making things even worse. 

So, the Global Water Crisis is the crux of all the problems our freshwater resources, and in turn, we are facing. Those problems are because of human activity. 

Clean Water should be a RIGHT - Ileteju community

Safe Water, Effective Sanitation and Hygiene are Critical to the Health of every child in Ileteju Community of Kogi state

Safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene are critical to the health of every child and every community member of Ileteju community of Kogi state says Idoko Health and Social Services Foundation Director Zico Onuche, after paying a visit to the community with his team. As we improve these services in this disadvantaged community and for the most disadvantaged children today in the community, which will give them a fairer chance at a better tomorrow.

Here are some main advantages of using a mosquito net.

  • Protects you from fatal diseases, what’s common among dengue fever, west nile virus, and yellow fever.
  • Protects you from other insects and bugs.
  • Improves sleeping quality.

From our observations during our visit to the Ileteju community, there is none among the community that uses mosquito net, automatically all the above advantages becomes a disadvantage to them because there are affected with mosquito bites, not having quality sleep due to the discomfort from insects and bugs.

mosquito nets - Ileteju community

What’s common among Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Zika? All of them are extremely dangerous diseases spread by mosquitoes. We can help reduce this risk to all these diseases and many others by GIVING a mosquito net to the Ileteju community.

Good hygiene is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of disease – and yet all the people of Ileteju community can’t have it because of no water, we can do this together for a better Ileteju community.

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