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Nigeria Economic Instability and Insecurity Fund (Kogi state as case study)

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Summary: Nigeria economic-instability and insecurity fund – Nigeria Economic instability and insecurity have led to famine conditions in Nigeria. Severe increases in food and drinking water have made access to food nearly impossible because the poor can hardly access food and drinking water because of the high increase in the price of food of about 300% to 450% increase.

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Challenge: Nigeria economic-instability and insecurity fund – Nearly 70% of the Nigerian population is in urgent need of food, medical care, agriculture and nutrition assistance. Due to a combination of economic conditions, and insecurity, millions of families, women and children do not have access to food and are unable to grow crops due to the present conditions.

In addition, the high cost of food and insecurity has created severe food shortages in most communities which are growing increasingly worse.

Across Nigeria have been a prolonged economic instability and insecurity issue that led to millions of Nigerians have it nearly impossible to access food and good drinking water. Now, the global COVID-19 crisis poses additional threats to the health and financial wellbeing of families and individuals throughout the country.

Solution: All donations to this fund will support recovery and relief efforts in the economic and insecure communities (Kogi state – Kabba). Initially, the fund helped local partners address the immediate needs of affected few families in the community, such as food, clean water, and medical care.

Idoko health and social services foundation - Nigeria economic instability and insecurity fund

Thanks to the support of most compassionate donors like you, Nigeria’s economic-instability and insecurity fund – our locally-led nonprofit partners in the region have changed countless lives in our communities access the nutrition they need to thrive. Now, we are working tirelessly with the passion in our heart to support those most vulnerable.

An anonymous Idoko Health and Social Services Foundation donor said it best: “The world is tied together. The minute you realize this it makes sense to do your part in helping it stay together. Therein lies our most fundamental purpose”.

Thank you for all you do to elevate community-led change during these uncertain times. Through solidarity, we can overcome any crisis.

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