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Uncertain Futures for Children in Low- or No-income Homes

Uncertain Futures for Children in Low- or No-income Homes – Very sad about the fact that schools are very close but can’t be access by some of the children and didn’t know if they were ever going to access it. The future becomes uncertain and very scary when schools are very close and can’t be accessible because of low-or-no-income homes.

Uncertain Futures for Children in Low- or No-income Homes

Living in some of the states in Nigeria where Education is not given the priority due for it happens to bring the uncertain future faced by most of the children from these Low-or-No-income homes, feeding becomes the only priority of these homes or families just to make sure everyone has at least something to eat, and sometimes once in a day which is not even okay for any child.

Millions of these children are still at home, out of school, unable to access any form of education. And for girls, the longer they are out of school, the higher the risk of being forced into child marriage while they are still children, as families turn to negative coping mechanisms to manage this economic hardship – Uncertain Futures for Children in Low- or No-income Homes

Children living within the poorest and most marginalised families/communities are most at risk of never returning to school. Instead they face being forced into child marriage or child labor, and they are at increased risk of having unplanned pregnancies. We know that the longer children are out of school, the greater the risk that they do not return to school and that they will lose out on vital learning.

In this kind of situation, girls are particularly vulnerable to violence.

The most heart-breaking is that when we’ve asked these children living in this kind of situation – about what really matters to them, they always talk about wanting to return to school: a place to learn and a safe place to be with their friends.

Adapting to Ensure Access to Education

Some people have tried differently in getting most of these children back to school but doing individually can’t never handle this kind of situation, that is the reason Idoko Health and Social Services Foundation have taken it upon herself to make sure this project – return to school must be followed and accomplished with the help of our DONORS and PARTNERS.

With your support – technically and financially with our develop comprehensive plans to ensure these children returns back to school, having access to the school put good smiles to the faces of these great children of our great community and Nigeria at large

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